Introducing Theraphi

What is Theraphi?

Theraphi is a new technology that structures energy so as to provide broad-spectrum charging and balancing to living cells. To do this Theraphi merges several different technologies.  Some of which include original discoveries made by Dan Winter and Paul Harris, the Theraphi inventors.

How does it work?

Technically speaking, Theraphi creates a Cold Atmoshperic Plasma cloud and embeds phase conjugate negentropic pump waves.

More simply put, Theraphi creates perfectly mirrored sets of energy waves that meet as they get infinitely smaller at precisely phi ratio. These energy waves carry trillions of different vibrations, each in tune with a musical note. As these waves get smaller and smaller the notes get higher and higher. These energy waves are delivered with a non-invasive, holistic method called
Cold Atmospheric Plasma.

In doing this, Theraphi delivers the worlds first and only biological battery charger. It works on the cellular level, increasing charge and accelerating your metabolism while bringing the body back into balance.


How does Theraphi help?

The science of life is that it is electrical in nature. That is to say that cells have an electrical charge to them. This is for human cells, but just as much for animal or plant cells. If a cell is living then it has an electrical charge to it. One way to visualize this charge in a cell is to picture the cell as a battery. A charged cell (for example -25 mv) is able to do work. It can provide a service to the body that it is a part of. If a cell has a low electrical potential (for example +30 mv), similar to a dead battery, it is not very useful to the system.

Visualize a fresh, fully charged 4 pack of AA batteries running a new toy. Imagine a child having fun playing with the toy as its buzzing around. This visual symbolizes a living organism thriving in life.

When the batteries die and the toy begins to crawl along the bliss the child was experiencing quickly fades.

When you use Theraphi, it helps charge and balance your cells,
allowing them to be a more productive members of team you.

Who can benefit from Theraphi?

Theraphi is most beneficial for those who are out of balance. Whether that be mentally, physically or emotionally. The science shows that energy is in its most peaceful state when it is balanced. This applies to all living things.

Theraphi restores charge while working to balance the cells. If you could visualize the waves of energy inside the plasma field you would be able to see the two waves meeting perfectly at the center of your cells. These opposing forces work to bring the cells into balance rather than trying to push it around from one side.

What are some of the effects of charging your cells?

Theraphi is a broad spectrum device which means the spectrum of effects are also broad. Just a few of the more likely tangible benefits include increasing your energy and your metabolism. If you have difficulty relaxing it could be your cells are drained. Visualize yourself fasting until you are drained and then try to imagine yourself not knowing when you will get to eat while staying relaxed. Other examples include improved digestion, more focus, and better overall cognitive ability. Some of the non-tangible effects include piece of mind, fewer cravings and an overall feeling of wellbeing.


Faster Metabolism


More Energy


Deeper Relaxation


Improved Digestion


More Focus


Better Performance

What does it feel like to use Theraphi?

One customer said after doing a session that it felt like there was a "Loving Presence" in the room. Some customers feel a flow of energy like a wave through their body during the session. Other customers describe not being able to feel the energy.

The feelings discussed after a customers Theraphi Session is just as diverse. Some people feel very energized and ready to take on the world while others have described feeling very clear headed. For those working on restoring balance in their life the feeling afterward can be one of wanting to rest and if you live with physical dis-balance, like pain, the feelings describe are often of great relief.

Since Theraphi acts on the cellular level it is literally pumping your cells. In the same way, a person can not go to the gym and use a one day pass to obtain a gym body a uBlissity customer should not expect one session to do the same for their cells. If you think of using Theraphi like a work out routine for your cells, you will get the most benefit. Some customers are already in good shape at the cellular level and use Theraphi as a NooTropic Service. Others are truly undertaking a cellular makeover.


Theraphi and you, uBlissity in the making.

From an edge on the golf course to reducing pain in your life, we are here to help. We offer sessions 7 days a week by appointment. We are also happy to help you, if needed, in restoring charge to the cells of your pets.








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The evidence of rejuvenation
at the cellular level, while compelling, is still anecdotal.

uBlissity does not practice medicine or provide any healthcare services and Theraphi is not a medical device.

uBlissity is a “Wellness Services” business with a no touch energy balancing approach.