Theraphi Science Guide

Theraphi Science Guide

The science of Theraphi can be confusing at times. We are often asked if it’s possible to explain Theraphi so it is easier to understand. It is our hope this page will help reduce the time it takes you in getting to understand Theraphi! Knowledge is bliss and long term we won’t be able to hold a state of wellbeing without it.  Bookmark this page!

Hydrogen is Key

The first element on the periodic table of elements, and for good reason, is hydrogen. So let’s run through 5 important facts about hydrogen.

1) Hydrogen is by far the most abundant element in the universe. (74%)
2) About 62% of your body is hydrogen, in terms of atomic percentage.
3) Your strands of DNA are held together by a hydrogen bond.
4) In a PH test, the abbreviation PH is short for “Potential Hydrogen” .
5) The hydrogen atom has been proven to be entirely in Phi ratio.

The Infinite Phi Ratio

Phi is not a “hard number” but a ratio of one number to another number, infinitely. The Fibonacci Sequence, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 and so on visually illustrates this quite well. Visualize this as an unfolding out of the longitudinal state down to the slower transverse state or, alternatively, from a more orderly state to a less orderly state.

Note that the addition of each 2 sequential numbers sums to create the next number.

To help build your understanding of Theraphi a common starting point is needed.  

Think of the Planck length as a “common denominator”.

One starting point, if not the starting point in physics is known as the “Planck length”. Planck length is the smallest measurement possible. This measurement is so small in fact that giving examples of how small it is are generally not useful however let’s try anyway, visualize a football stadium being expanded to the size of our entire universe, if you did this then the Planck length would grow to the size of an Atom, which is still 100,000 times smaller than a human hair. 

The formula for calculating the Planck length is pictured to the right. Notice that 1.6 or an approximation of Phi is even used to calculate the most common denominator in all of physics.

The Hydrogen Equation

Now let us jump into to Dan Winter’s equation for his decoding of the hydrogen atom. Dan Winter is one of the two Theraphi inventors, the other being Paul Harris.

Dan Winter discovered that if you start with the Planck measurement and multiply it by Phi and then multiply the result by 116, you will get the exact radius of the first electron shell of an ionized hydrogen atom. 

Even more amazing Dan discovered that when the number 116 is changed to 117 it measures the radius of the 2nd electron shell and lastly when 117 is substituted for 118 it measures the 3rd electron shell.

Theraphi Inventors
Dan Winter

Paul Harris

Dan Winter’s equation proves beyond any reasonable doubt that hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe and the building block of water itself, is at Phi ratio.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

This equation is so eloquent and it works!! It is because of this discovery along with Paul Harris’s extensive expertise in plasma physics the Theraphi device is able to accurately digitized and deliver the essence of hydrogen! Dan’s discoveries do not stop with hydrogen, we recommend looking closely at his work.

Theraphi also successfully incorporates the pioneering works of








Next lets discuss the functional delivery of this digitized hydrogen.

Nassim Haramein
Let’s jump back in time for a moment to 2012. Many are familiar with the Mayan calendar drawing attention to the 21st of December, a day in which many different beliefs about what might happen captivated our minds. The day before, on December 20th Nassim Harriman, a free-thinking physicist turned in a physics paper to our United States Congress titled “Quantum Gravity and Holographic Mass.

The “Strong Force” concept vs “Math”

This paper went on to pass peer-review and win an award for successfully merging Einstein’s “General Theory of Relativity” with “Planck’s Quantum Theory” which finally gave the world a working “Unified Field Theory”  This information was a game changer because it replaced the vague “Strong Force” terminology, with actual “Math”. As it turns out, the math is of a microscopic black hole in the heart of the atom!

Fractality and its origins in Phi, as discovered by Dan Winter, when applied to Nassim’s work greatly improved our understanding of biophysics! 

It is generally believed that nothing can escape the gravity of a black hole. Nassim showed this to be technically incorrect. While it is true that light can not escape the gravity of a black hole the black hole itself ejects a longitudinal sound wave, which travels much faster than light. Phi ratio faster or at least 1.6 times faster to be precise.

This is very important to know because when a hydrogen atom implodes in the center of your DNA it also generates a longitudinal sound wave, in the Phi ratio.

If you are familiar with a sonic boom that comes from the tailwind of a plane going faster than the speed of sound you can then visualize light or energy itself as a sonic boom. but one that comes from the tailwind of a longitudinal wave, which travels faster than light.


It is this energy wave, which is a type of exhaust created from the implosion of hydrogen, that really reflects your state of wellbeing. If you were to metabolize a quantity of dirty hydrogen, like deuterium, you will likely become unhealthy and relatively quickly. Good clean hydrogen is that important! 

To illustrate the immense value of clean hydrogen in the body we have posted a Deuterium-Depleted Water Study showing the anti-cancer benefits of reducing deuterium in the body. Looking back on this study it is enjoyable to see the progress science has made. We refer you to the studies guess as to how deuterium depletion was beneficial. 

Because Theraphi is designed to support self-organization, the digitized essence of hydrogen must join the bodies metabolization wave or it simply won’t be supported.

As an example of this consider that your ears can hear sound but they can not hear the same sound directly through the signal of the phone. In the same way, if the digitized hydrogen isn’t received by your body in a way it can understand it will not be beneficial.

The way that is beneficial to the body is when the digitized essence of hydrogen is in the faster than light longitudinal wave. This allows it to travel through the nucleus of your cells.


Phi Ratio is the Solution

Theraphi successfully does this and again the solution is Phi ratio. Theraphi uses the Phi ratio to transmute transverse energy waves into faster than light longitudinal energy waves that carry the digitized essence of hydrogen.

The Theraphi Science Guide

Dan Winters Original Illustration

Phase Conjugation

Only Phi ratio allows these two transverse waves to compress down to Planck length. Each of the Theraphi tubes is creating one of these two waves.

Phase conjugation is the science of two becoming one. In life, no matter where you look you will find the symbolism of this science.  It is reflected or symbolized in many ways.

      • Marriage symbolizes two becoming one and the start of a new life. 
      • When you focus your eyes to see, two different views become one. 
      • When you are listening, your two ears create one experience.
      • When you add your out-breath to your in-breath you are living.
      • If a friend helps you out of a bind, two people join to become one.
      • If you make a decision it’s the past joining the present and becoming one for the future.

The symbolism of phase conjugation is everywhere in life because perfect phase conjugation itself is the science of life. It’s primary symbol today is the medical caduceus on the side of every ambulance in America, unfortunately, most of the meaning of the symbol has been lost.

In science two becoming one is ” neg-entropy”, (think of adding and multiplying) and then when one becomes two it is “entropy”. (think subtraction and division) Imagine for a moment a two-man team working as one and then one person quits, the team is now falling apart and is only 1/2 as strong, it’s not going to survive. But now imagine a person arm wrestling decides to use their second hand to push even harder. While this may break the rules of arm wrestling it goes with the laws of physics, when two join to become one there is more. 

uBlissity - Las Vegas Office - 8645 W. Sahara Ave

uBlissity – Las Vegas Office – 8645 W. Sahara Ave. Las Vegas NV 89117

Theraphi is Phase Conjugation

Theraphi has mastered the science of two becoming one at the highest level, with hydrogen, the true fuel of the body. When it implodes it becomes one with your body, the positive proton goes longitudinal and because longitudinal is faster than light the proton of the hydrogen is thus leaving behind the electron, which is light. This electron or charge becomes one with you, increasing order, strength, communication, etc. within the body.

Your body does do this naturally or you would not be alive but because of many factors, it can become imbalanced and when that happens there is less phase conjugation and thus less charge, less perception, less bliss, less life, etc.

Perfect phase conjugation is also a perfect balance.
By sending the digitized essence of hydrogen being metabolized to the body, its own natural ability to burn hydrogen is increased and or restored. The mechanism for this is called sympathetic vibration.  


 Visualize plucking just the first string on a guitar and you will notice the second string will start to vibrate along with the first, consider this the essence of “sympathy”. Theraphi uses sympathetic vibration in the same way. By sending the longitudinal energy wave of pure clean hydrogen being metabolized to the body, the body then “sympathizes” with it, thus aligning, phase conjugating and actually burning more hydrogen. Burning more hydrogen means to increase the metabolic rate, a fancy way of saying the body is “stepping up its game”

It is for this reason when using Theraphi water intake should be increased. Water is a bodies source of hydrogen fuel and it also helps you carry more electrical charge. In life, it’s a pain to run out of gas and with Theraphi if your hydration isn’t maintained this disbalance shows up first as a headache. For those doing a lot of Theraphi sessions, we also recommend some pink Himalayan salt to help with electrolyte maintenance. 

This two becoming one with hydrogen is the restoration of charge to your cells and is the result of phase conjugation at Phi ratio, as discovered and implemented by Dan Winter and Paul Harris, respectively.

In the video below, we have illustrated this implosion of phase conjugation or two becoming one. Each time this occurs you see all of the spots light up. This flash symbolizes the transition in the implosion of the hydrogen to superluminal speeds thus leaving behind of electrical charge to become one with the body.

Most of us have been taught that the system we live in is a competitively dominant system, meaning the survival of the fittest. Yet in truth, it is a collaboratively dominant system, which is the survival of the most sharable. The phrase “the sum is greater than the parts” sums up the algorithm of life quite eloquently. Theraphi adds to your parts the electrical energy and structure it may be missing.

In summary, the most abundant element in the universe is hydrogen and its existence is entirely in Phi ratio. To get the maximum benefit from hydrogen, it must be metabolized. The Theraphi team has decoded this atom mathematically and implemented a way through the physics of cold fusion at the cellular level to truly assist in the function of living. Theraphi is undeniably a sea change technology.








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