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A closer look at coming Theraphi markets

In a time when seemingly new technologies are pouring into the markets of the world, the gems can be easy to miss. When looked at closely the Theraphi technology quickly rises to gem status. This is because Theraphi hangs its hat on the math and physics of nature. Until recently these physics and this math were not fully understood and thus not taught in conventional institutions. Because this is sea change technology it will take time for these markets to develop. In the meantime, you can rest assured the physics and math of nature are well developed and are here to stay.

The markets of Theraphi will be directly tied to living energies, such as people, animals, and plants. Within these three categories are countless opportunities, some of which are coming and some of which are here today.

Spa & Wellness

Wellness and SpaWellness center and spa owners will love the Theraphi technology. It opens the door to new customers and new revenue streams. The Theraphi technology is easy to incorporate into existing centers and its footprint is that of a massage therapist. Wellness centers and spas focus on the body, the mind and the spirit and Theraphi works in all three of these areas. If you own a wellness center and want a leg up on the competition or a yoga studio and want to offer a meditation experience that rivals 10 years of practice the Theraphi technology delivers. Spa customers are seeking a relaxing experience or a beauty enhancement service. In both of these areas the Theraphi shines. It is a very relaxing experience and is simultaneously anti-aging, making it an ideal fit for Day or Med Spas.

Addiction & Recovery

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimated in 2012 than 23 million Americans or almost 10% suffer from an alcohol or drug addiction. It was estimated then to be a 35 Billion dollar a year industry with rehabilitation and addiction centers being a driving business model. The Theraphi technology provides an additional tool for these centers as well as a new modality for those suffering. It utilizes cellular level opposing forces to bring the body back into balance. Even from a simplistic view, it should be easy to visualize addiction as being out of balance. Look for the Theraphi technology to become a go-to tool in the addiction recovery protocols of the future.


Chiropractic Care

Few industries are more poised to utilize Theraphi than the chiropractic industry. Chiropractors are considered holistic and generally focus on a cause rather than a symptom. They work to assist their customer in restoring their bodies naturally. Theraphi is highly aligned with both the intent of the chiropractor and the client. The Theraphi technology offers chiropractors a way to expand their practice without bringing on another doctor. The Theraphi experience is already fairly familiar to both the doctor and the patient. This experience includes laying on massage style table, the length of their visit, and of course feeling better. For chiropractors who deal with deep physical pain, the Theraphi opens up the door to a chiropractic type service on the cellular level.

Animal Care

Theraphi Markets -Animal CarePets face many of the same real-world issues we as humans face. Air quality, water quality and food quality all playing critical parts in the health of  our pets. The cost of pet care can be extremely expensive and very often veterinarians are not able to see an animal for several weeks.  This opens the door for animal wellness centers and doggie day spas that have never existed. It also allows veterinarians to expand their business and more importantly to help ensure unneeded euthanizations are eliminated. The equestrian market has already begun, and gamblers would be wise to know which horses had used Theraphi.

Food & Agriculture

Theraphi Markets - Food & AgiculturePlants love Theraphi and it is the only tool in the world capable of treating food in a way that is the polar opposite of irradiating it. George Lakhovsky who invented the Multiwave Oscillator helped pave the way with his Geranium plant experiments. In these experiments, he could strengthen the plant so much that it would shed its cancer. In the coming years, you can expect to see this technology used in a wide range of food and agriculture industries. Examples include; stronger and more vibrant plants within flower gardens and greenhouses. Increased yields and potency from herbal gardens as well as indoor farming factories. Enhanced bio-availability of water,  soil, seeds and much more.



As the knowledge of Theraphi spreads you can expect to see it as a front runner in the increasing resistance to the allopathic model. Eventually, once the Theraphi team finishes all of the government processes you can expect more mainstream doctors to begin utilizing this technology as well. uBlissity is proud to help usher this in. If you are interested in learning more please contact us today.

This page is not meant to be an all-inclusive list. Other markets not listed include the professional athletic market for sports injury and better motor skills, noo-tropic services for professionals as well as travelers, physical therapy and remote energy healing just to name a few.








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