Theraphi Fractional Ownership


Introducing the new Theraphi Fractional Ownership Program. Get to know the benefits of  implosion without the imploding your wallet!

This is the first  and only Theraphi fractional ownership program. This NEW program from uBlissity is perfect for those who are into the Theraphi technology and want to get to know what it is like to be an owner without the full investment.

We are currently taking deposits! If you would like to participate please use the form below and contact us today!

Theraphi Fractional Ownership at a Glance

  • Purchase a 10%, or more, share of a new Theraphi
  • Use Theraphi for 30 days, or more, per year.
  • Program flexibility allows for trading usage time with other owners.
  • Earn rental income, if you are not able to use your Theraphi time, or if you are looking to get back some cash.
  • Includes provisions to enable a fractional Theraphi owner to sell their share at any time.

The uBlissity Fractional Ownership program is designed to make Theraphi ownership easy. It has the maximum amount of flexibility for owner usage. Additional terms and conditions will apply, so contact us today to find out more about how the program can work for you!

Contact uBlissity to find out more about the Fractional Ownership Program.

More details are coming soon, please check back often!

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Las Vegas, Nevada
Grand Junction, Colorado
Santa Maria, California
Auburn, California
Grants Pass, Oregon
Quenca, Ecuador
Sequim, Washington (soon)
Redding, California (soon)


Phone: (833) 254-7733
Email: uBlissity@theraphi.mePlease help us spread the word, donations are used to spread awareness.


The evidence of rejuvenation
at the cellular level, while compelling, is still anecdotal.

uBlissity does not practice medicine or provide any healthcare services and Theraphi is not a medical device.

uBlissity is a “Wellness Services” business with a no touch energy balancing approach.