Peace of Mind


I started using the TheraPhi about 3 months ago. I don’t really understand the science of it, but I do understand the feeling of well being that I feel after each session. Peace of mind certainly was the first benefit I noticed and it has remained gentle and consistent throughout each session.

I had been noticing a pain in the middle of my back, especially when driving for more that a couple hours. That pain just disappeared within my first three sessions and has not returned, even when driving longer periods. That was such a relief!

I have suffered for so many year with insomnia or really restless sleep, almost a tormented sleep, when I would finally fall asleep. The last few years I have been taking a sleeping aid every night and it helped. I know it wasn’t good for my body, but it felt so good to shut the brain off and sleep. After about 2 months of my TheraPhi session, I realized I don’t need them any more. I am now sleeping restfully with no sleeping aid and that feels so good!

At first I could not feel the energy vibration. I always laid with my head to the north. Josh suggested I switch and put my feet north and my head south. When I tried that, I could really feel the energy in my toes and feet, and about a foot up my legs. I continue to start my sessions with my head south and feet north, switching halfway through each session. I always walk away feeling good, stress gone for me!

On the subject of legs, I was so surprised to find I needed to shave my legs more often. My hair was growing faster!

I brought a few plants to the office, as Josh’s plants were thriving in the room the TheraPhi was in. The windows were always covered and the light was minimal at best, yet these plants have flourished on the TheraPhi energy. (I have attached a few pictures of them). As you can see from the pictures, 2 of them even bloomed. The corn looking plant smelled like a Hawaiian flower. It was such a tropical, sweet fragrance!

TheraPhi for me, has been a gentle, pleasant energy and I truly am thankful to have had it in our area in the Midwest. I am very glad that I was fortunate enough to have a TheraPhi unit available to me and I was open minded enough to take advantage of this technology. Now I have a calm peace of mind, the pain in my back is gone and I can sleep restfully all night, every night!

Thank you Josh for making the TheraPhi available to me!

Sierri W

Message from uBlissity Founder
Before I opened uBlissity I shared Theraphi with the friends and family closest to me. The above testimponial is from my Mom who I asked to provide an honest and detailed account of her experience.



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