“Best Thing Ever” Theraphi feedback from a 5-year-old.

Theraphi feedback from a 5-year-old

uBlissity was recently able to let this amazing 5-year-old try out the new Theraphi technology on her knee pain. While London loved her experiences (her exact words were “Best Thing Ever”) it’s important

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Cancer Remission in 4 Weeks

 Cancer Remission Congratulations! A huge congratulations to Dianne who used Theraphi to reverse her end stage breast cancer that had spread to her liver and spleen. Given only two weeks to live Dianne

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Back pain gone

JOSH, It works.   Back pain gone and strength is fantastic. Waiting to see on temper but I feel great.

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Amazing results for my lyme

Amazing results for my lyme. I was recently diagnosed with lyme disease. I have my own cleaning business and not made of money. The pain in my hands was so bad i couldn’t

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Its called Theraphi

Its called Theraphi, its an amazing machine…. ~Ian McCall

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I have more energy and clearer thoughts

After a month of sessions i have noticed a marked difference in myself in my body and in my psyche. Despite getting unsettled restless sleep (we have a 12 month old who shares

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I could have flown

I have Been Using TheraPhi for around 3 months. I have lost track of time with exactly how long. I am 29 years old and have suffered from headaches for as long as

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Peace of Mind

  I started using the TheraPhi about 3 months ago. I don’t really understand the science of it, but I do understand the feeling of well being that I feel after each session.

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My miracle happened!

  Blissings & Blessings to you and Paul, Master Dan. I cannot express in words the magnitude of gratitude and deep love I have for you both for creating this awesome device, the

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The pain has almost completely disappeared

Theaphi David Testimonial

I have been using Theraphi 2 to 3 times a week for about a month. I can definitely tell its helping reduce my arthritis in my elbow and in both of my wrists.

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I was really Amazed

My name is Edgar and I hit the gym a little to hard one day doing squats, I threw my back out and the pain was killing me. Josh was visiting Orange County

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