Airdog X5 Home Air Filter

Airdog X5 Home Air Filter


HEPA filters (The Molekule is also a HEPA air filter) can only filter air down to .3 microns or 300 nano meters in size. The Airdog X5 owns HEPA by filtering all the way down to .0146 microns, or less than 15 nanometers in size(20x smaller). This is a HUGE improvement in air filtration and as a result is the worlds first highly effective chemtrail filter!

Where other filters fail the Airdog succeeds! The Airdog also destroys all airborne pathogens, including molds, funguses, viruses and more!

The Airdogs’ reusable filter only needs to be run through the dishwasher about once per month, no monthly filter fees, saving you even more money, but more importantly helping protect the planet.

Advanced Technology cleans down to 0.0146 micron
Destroys Airborne Pathogens
No Filter Replacement (Filter costs add up)
Energy Saving (only uses 30 watts)
Smart Design  (6 operating modes & child lock)
1 Year Warranty




Did you know that indoor air
can be more than 500% more polluted than outdoor air?

Enter the Airdog X5



Airdog Patented Technology

High-Volume Airflow 360 Degree Air Circulation

*The 3rd party lab tests confirm Airdog kills 99.87% influenza virus in an hour.





Powerful but Whisper Quiet

Airdog uses the best in class DC brushless motor. Our carefully designed aerodynamic flow path enables 360 degree circulation and 200 cubic feet of clean air per minute. In another word, for a large 1400 sqf space, it could provide one air change in an hour; for a 700 sqf space, it could provide two air changes per hour; for a 450 sqf space, it could provide three air changes per hour. We recommend to use within 450 sqf space to provide sufficient clean air changes. The Airdog is whisper quiet, the noise level is down to 22db at sleep mode, which is hardly to hear at night.



Airdog uses the best in class DC brushless motor, the carefully designed aerodynamic design enables 360 degree high volume air flow but with very low noise.


Night mode: Night mode is specially designed for light sleepers. We keep your air clean but without display lights and fan noise. You could hardly hear it‘s running at night mode. Sleep blissfully with clean air and a environmentally clean conscious!

Child lock: Prevents children from playing with the settings.





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