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Theraphi Version 5

Theraphi Version 5, time flies when its dilated

Starting a new high tech company that swims in the face of conventional understanding and without financial backing is an extremely difficult task. This has not stopped Paul Harris and Dan Winter, the team behind Theraphi. This month begins their 3rd year of real world testing, product development and commercial sales. The Theraphi technology is now in over 12 countries and shipping its newest version 5.

The first Theraphi was introduced to the world in May of 2016, two full years ago. Join us as we highlight each Theraphi upgrade over the last 2 years.

Introducing the first Theraphi, May 2016 Version 1.0

Pictured here is inventor and builder Paul Harris standing with an original set of Theraphi tubes. These custom tubes were made in the University of Calgary, Canada. Pictured below is the first generation Theraphi converter. These first Theraphis had a very limited run of availability before being changed. This was because almost as soon

as Theraphi was made available the orders started flowing in. Using this momentum Paul quickly began advancing Theraphi through a series of upgrades. For example the original tube design was useful and allowed for good plasma spin yet Paul knew he could improve the Theraphi longevity while creating more spin and thus allow the Theraphi field to be more biologically active.


To do this the plasma tubes geometry would need to be changed. The 2nd version of tubes, which are still used today, are based on the very large scale Nubian pyramid research that was done out of Russia. This research showed that key changes to the quality and structure of connecting space could be measured when a 72 degree angle was used. This 72 degree angle can be explored further but to keep it simple lets call this  a harmonic unfolding angle.


Theraphi version 2.0 has arrived – December 2016

Pictured to the left are one of the first tubes with the new design. This 72 degree angle is found by connecting the widest points to the tip at the back. With this version Paul was able to disassociate the noble gas mixture without direct contact between the gases and the electrodes. A method that had proved troublesome in the first version. In addition to the longer lasting electrodes, the new design brought down the temperature of the glass near the electrodes thanks to the much larger copper surface area. This minimized any tunneling of hydroxide that might have gotten though the tubes annealing process. Finally this design created a more distributed plasma field.


Theraphi turns 1 with version 3 – May 2017

Version 3 was primarily an upgrade to the converter and housing. This version received some Phi ratio branding and venting holes built on a custom white acrylic housing. This new version had a much sharper look and was still able to be made in-house by Paul. Building in-house is something Paul has been doing with every aspect of Theraphi with exception of the glass tubes. This new version 3 also included a new pulse mode in which the tubes would ignite for a pulse, very briefly, at a rate of about once per second. It was easy to see the additional engineering Paul had done to eliminate the big and bulky voltage controller.


Looking professional with version 4 of Theraphi – November 2017

Pictured to the left is a 4th generation Theraphi. This upgrade added a new stronger housing around the sides and better feet for improved cooling and air flow.  It also included a set of high end dials, giving a quality and tactile feel to the user. The nicer Phi branding of version 3 was retained while being centered, however the pulse mode in the 3rd generation proved minimally useful which lead to its removal in this version.


Theraphi  version 5 is the future today!

For the foreseeable future this 5th generation will be here. The changes from v4 to v5 are minimal, and include the ability to use American or European outlets as well as a high resolution engraving of the Theraphi logo on the front plate. At the heart, the 4th and 5th generations are nearly the same.

With these inremental changes Paul has transformed Theraphi from where it was in version 1 to a piece of art any home or wellness center will be proud of and a piece of technology all long term owners will know the value of.

Call 833-254-7733 to order your own brand new 5th Generation Theraphi.

This is a great time to point out that the core frequency set that Dan Winter discovered  has never changed. As a Phiropractor™ in the field I often hear questions showing there is a bit of confusion behind the changes. It seems obvious their real questions are over concern about the underlying technology.  Specifically if it had changed, or whether it may be changed.

Our experience as owners of Theraphi version 1 / 2, 3 and 5 has been consistent. The feeling in the field and user outcomes have been unchanged and pleasant throughout the last 2 years of growth.

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