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Bliss Labs – Holistic Technologies for Mind, Body and Spirit

uBlissity is happy to announce a new community wellness initiative, called “Bliss Labs”. Because let’s face it, living is research and we are all seeking bliss. Through Bliss Labs, we hope to help you

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Theraphi Setup & Unboxing

Theraphi ubloxing and setup

Theraphi Setup and Unboxing When your ready to start your Theraphi setup this video will walk you through the process. For those interested in learning more about Theraphi we recommend watching some of

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Two Years of Theraphi, Starting with Version 1

Theraphi Version 5

  Theraphi Version 5, time flies when its dilated Starting a new high tech company that swims in the face of conventional understanding and without financial backing is an extremely difficult task. This

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Favorable EMF Frequency Patterns in Cancer…

Theraphi Frequencies

Frequency study has huge implications Tesla spoke of frequency most eloquently. “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” In this post I will share

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Fractal Fun Friday Challenge – Update #2


Fractal finding challenge Can you find all of the fractal field symbols? **************************** Fractal Finding Update: Its been one week since we posted this challenge so today we have revealed the first symbol! Click

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Nootropic Energy from the Theraphi

Dr Corneliu E Giurgea

What is “nootropic”? Have nootropic services arrived? The term nootropic was coined by Dr. Corneliu E. Giurgea who declared that for something to be nootropic it had to “qualify” with the following 5

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Bliss Bones – A Best Friends Best Friend.

Pets Love Theraphi

Your best friend will love Theraphi too. Give your best friend some bliss! Mans Best Friend as they say, pictured above is our oldest who loves Theraphi! Do you have a “Best Friend”

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If Theraphi was a Gunslinger

Theraphi Trinity

What if Theraphi was a Gunslinger? He would have fun, of course! Theraphi has amazing speed, like Trinity in the movie.  For me its always fun to see the look of peace or

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The evidence of rejuvenation
at the cellular level, while compelling, is still anecdotal.

uBlissity does not practice medicine or provide any healthcare services and Theraphi is not a medical device.

uBlissity is a “Wellness Services” business with a no touch energy balancing approach.